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This site has been created in order to keep you, our Alumni, updated on the Chapter and "connected" to each other. Alpha Pi has one of the largest and strongest Alumni bases in the nation and it is important that our bond stays strong.

It is our hope that you will also use this site to stay in touch with your brothers from around the country and the world! Please update your contact information so we can establish a comprehensive Data Bank for all our Alumni.

We hope you find the site useful and enjoyable. Please remember to check back often for updates!

News and Events


Alpha Pi Featured in the "Pearl" Alumni Newsletter

The December 2012 edition of the Delta Sigma Phi "Pearl" Alumni newsletter features our

very own Alpha Pi Chapter and the recent Pyramid of Excellence victory, as well as the

great achievements in recruitment and scholarship over the last year!  


Be sure to page through the mailing from the National Fraternity, or click on the image below to view the article.






The Spartan 300 Challenge

Since the charter was granted to the Alpha Pi Chapter at Michigan State University on January
13th, 1923, the Brothers of Delta Sigma Phi have excelled. The success of each generation has been
built upon the contributions and achievements of the preceding ones. Fortunately, throughout our
impressive history, when difficult decisions had to be made to provide a quality Fraternity
experience for our undergraduates, Alpha Pi Brothers have always had the foresight and commitment
to step up and make the improvements and changes needed. Although we have historic challenges
before us now, we are ready to face the task.


It is with great excitement that we welcome you to join us in The Spartan 300 Challenge. Click on the image below to learn more about this reveolutionary effort and how your invovlement can help shape the Chapter for the future generations to come!