Find Alpha Pi Alumni

It is very important that we maintain an accurate Data Bank of our Alumni to better communicate with all of our brothers... past and present. Alpha Pi has one of the largest and strongest Alumni within Delta Sigma Phi and we have to make sure we capitalize on it's strength!

When using the Data Bank, please do the following:

1) Please check to see that your information is correct

2) Also, look for inaccuracies for the other brothers that you know

3) Please update / submit corrections

Note: To protect the privacy of our Alumni, the following link to the Data Base page is password protected. Enter the standard Delta Sigma Phi salutation when prompted for a password (lower case and no periods).

Note: The password is in all lower case. If a window comes up displaying “The webpage cannot be found”, replace the word “null” in the address bar with the correct password:


Into this: PASSWORD HERE.php