History of Alpha Pi

A historical compendium of Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Pi Chapter by Erik Nels Hakala

Homecoming Decades AgoThe history of Delta Sigma Phi starts almost 20 years before they were brought to Michigan State on January 13th, 1923. Before the men of Delta Sigma Phi became Delt Sigs, they were brothers of the Aurorean Literary Society. The Auroean Literary Society was founded in room 6 Williams Hall, on September 30 th 1905, when nine men discussed the possibility of starting another literary society. They met the next week with then President Snyder in order to secure a room for meetings and functions. On October 28 th, 1905 they changed the name to the Sylvan Literary Society; however, the school administration did not find this new name honorable, so on February 10 th, 1906, the name was changed back. The brothers met in Williams and Wells Hall until 1914. In 1914 the Auroreans moved into their first permanent residence where they lived until 1919. In 1919 the Auroreans merged with the Athenium Literary Society and moved into the Athenium house but kept the Aurorean name. In 1921 the State Board of Agriculture passed a much anticipated ruling that allowed National Fraternities to come in. In April, 1922 the Auroreans petitioned Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity for membership. On January 13th, 1923, the Aurorean Literary Society changed to the Alpha Pi Chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. In February of 1932, the Alpha Pi chapter moved into its current home here at 1218 E. Grand River. It is here now that the brothers continue to carry on the tradition that began so long ago, the tradition that is Delta Sigma Phi.

Excerpt from 1996: The men of Delta Sigma Phi are rich in tradition. Our chapter, among the oldest and most stable at MSU is proud of the fact that since 1923, we have been leaders at Michigan State. Delta Sigma Phi is also among the largest fraternities on campus. We are a fraternity of a competitive nature. Year after year, Delta Sigma Phi excels in interfraternity athletics, winning the All Sports trophy in 1995. We also compete for top honors in Greek Week. Aside from athletics, our calendar is always filled with Greek parties, road trips, formals and other social events. But most of all, we are a fraternity of men who want more out of life than the average person- men who never settle for second best. At Delta Sigma Phi, we encourage challenge, breed competition, and have a taste for success. At Delta Sigma Phi, we make good men better.

Times change and the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi go on to succeed in whatever endeavors they undertake, but the meaning of Brotherhood to a Delt Sig never changes. Delta Sigma Phi never fails to give its member more than what they sought.