How to Help the Chapter

Update the Data Base

Keep your information current so ACB can send you updates about upcoming events and chapter projects

Alumni Corporation Board

Use your professional experiences to directly impact the direction of the chapter's future

Academic Contributions

Have your monitary donations go exclusively towards academic scholarship for active brothers

Chapter Construction

Assist the chapter with planning, constructing and funding its many current and future rennovations

Direct-Financial Contributions

Have your monitary contributions go directly to the ACB to be used on current and future projects

Donate Furnature/Appliances

If you have furniture/appliances in good condition and not being used, please contact the chapter

Donation Information and Capital Campaign Links

How to Contribute

Capaign History

Campaign Contributors and Donation Amount by Decade

We are always seeking the help and volunteerism from our Alumni to ensure that Alpha Pi remains atop Delta Sigma Phi nationally. Our chapter is only as good as the involvement from all... Actives AND Alumni. Now more then ever is this true. We are facing one of the most critical, yet exciting times in our Chapters' history. With the increased costs of maintaining an 80 year old house, pressures from the local municipalities, and a changing campus has become increasingly harder to thrive. If you are not aware, many Fraternities have closed their doors at Michigan State due to these exact reasons. WE are NOT going to let this happen to our house! There currently is a strong core of Alumni that have committed to preserving our tradition at 1218 East Grand River...but we can't do it alone. Therefore we ask you, our brothers, to join with us in this important endeavor to insure another 80 years of Alpha Pi. This is the core meaning of "Brotherhood" and "Fraternity"...this is your opportunity to give back at a time where it will really make a difference.

The Alpha Pi Alumni Base is one of the largest in the country...but its strength is only measured by how connected and involved we please step up and make a difference!

Whatever time or assistance you can offer, large or small, will be instrumental in the process of strengthening our chapter. We have already begun a number of exciting projects and there are many areas where you can help.

Alumni Corporation Board

Our board is looking for Alumni that want to get involved. Your experiences while you were an active can be benificial to the current actives. We plan to aggressively grow our board to include Chapter Advisors, Growth Mentors, Lifestyle Mentors, Personal Success Mentors, and Campus/Community Involvement Mentors. The work of many lessens the load of a few...and makes us each more effective!

To share your interest in becoming part of the ACB, please contact our ACB President.

Chapter Construction

Do you own or work for a company in the residential / commercial construction field? We plan to do a complete overhaul of the chapter house over the next five years and welcome any assistance you can provide. Examples of areas that would be valuable to the chapter include:

• Architectual / Design
• Building materials
• Physical construction
• Mechanical construction (heating / cooling / plumbing / electrical)
• Finish carpentry

Please contact our ACB President if you would like to be involved with chapter rennovations.

Direct-Financial Contributions

**Donations made to the National Fraternity do not necessarily go towards to Alpha Pi!

The easiest, yet most effective way you can help is financially. If you are interested in helping the chapter with a financial donation, we urge you to support the Capital Campaign. These donations will go directly to strengthening our Chapter and refurbishing our Chapter house. East Lansing is experiencing rapid growth and renovation, and to remain competitive Alpha Pi need to be considerable investment in itself.

Please contact our ACB Treasurer to donate directly to Alpha Pi.

Academic Contributions

Where the money has went

Alpha Pi created a tiered academic scholarship in 2004 that awards individual brothers residing on the chapter's property that earn over a 3.25 ($250) or 3.5 ($500) in a given semester. This scholarship can be won by any brother every semester, creating an outstanding incentive for brothers to not only live in, but to also perform far above the campus average academically.

In 2006 the chapter created an additional tiered scholarship for new members obtaining over a 3.25 or 3.5 during their pledging semester, stressing as early as possible the importance of their academic success.

THE RESULT: In only three years this program has raised the chapter's GPA to over a 3.0, making it one of the best-performing Fraternities at MSU!

How to donate and the available tax deduction

Alpha Pi holds a 21st Century Fund with Delta Sigma Phi at a national level, which allows donations to be directly made to it. Funds from the 21st Century Fund can only be used by the chapter for academic purposes including scholarships for brothers and investments in technologies and other assets that support academic excellence.

Donations made directly to the Chapter's 21st Century Fund are tax deductable. The National Fraternity possesses all of the necessary information to claim the deduction.

Please contact our ACB Treasurer to make a contribution to Alpha Pi's 21st Century Fund.

Donate Furniture/Appliances

The Chapter House furniture sees a lot of wear and tear...and we are always looking for any old or unused furniture that you may have, or know of. Items needed the most are couches, chairs, tables, and area rugs. Please contact us if you can help (if required, we will make arrangements getting it to the chapter house).

Here is a list of items that the chapter currently needs:

• Refrigerator

• Gas stove

• Leaf blower

• Modern and clean couches (2-3 matching preferred)

• Cookware: large pans, cooking utensils

Please contact the Chapter President with any items you are interested in donating.