How to Contribute to the Capital Campaign

The campaign began in late spring of 2002 when an agreement was reached with the DSP Foundation to conduct a fundraising campaign on behalf of our chapter. Thus far, close to 200 brothers have pledged significant contributions! These pledges will be paid over a period of up to five years. These financial pledges have been directed to the DSP Foundation to benefit the Alpha Pi, and a majority directly to the ACB.

Pledges through the DSP Foundation are tax-deductible, but are restricted in their application to the renovation project. These funds can only be used directly for “Educational” purpose projects, such as installation of internet access, renovation of education only study/meeting areas, and scholarships to deserving students.

Pledges made directly to the ACB will be used for renovation of areas of the chapter that do not qualify under the “Educational” purpose requirement. These improvements represent the lion’s share of the planned renovations.

To insure that the Alpha Pi Chapter and house prosper for another 80 years, we need your help. Success will be achieved because hundreds of brothers care that today’s young men should be able to share the same experience you once did, and are willing to do their small part.

Please Contact:

Mitch Swayze, ACB Treasurer:


Tony Smercina of the DSP Foundation at 317-507-6665;